Who We Are

Seara Alimentos is one of the most trusted wholesale food distributing company. We have a reputation in the business for supplying fresh and frozen food. We specialise in supplying frozen chicken, seafood, turkey, duck, pork, etc. For the best deal at the best price consider choosing us.

Come and shop with us

We have representative offices in many areas and our supplies are available worldwide. It has been years we are in the meat sector and we have strong business rapport with Baltic producers. We aim to provide healthy frozen chicken and meat that assure taste, health, and nourishment. The poultry products we provide are cage free, free roaming chicken, duck, and turkey. We feed these on a vegetarian diet.

Our chickens are free form hormones and antibiotics, and they are all handled humanly. We add no artificial color or preservatives to the frozen meat. That is why our poultry products are all safe and healthy for you. You get a premium quality, natural, wholesome and good tasting chicken including–frozen turkey, chicken, duck and more.

  • Also, we specialise in supplying the best quality frozen pork and meat.
  • We offer 100% grain fed pork with zero added hormones.
  • We are an established pork wholesaler and we offer a complete range of fresh and frozen pork products.
  • We supply our products at the cuts, bulks or as byproducts as per your needs.